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Why Does Kooskia Need a New Library, Why Now?

At just 1,500 square feet, our current Kooskia Community Library lacks space for programs, collections, access to technology, telehealth, and space to work or study. Despite its small size, it is among the busiest per capita of the  8 libraries in the Prairie River Library District (PRLD) system. The Kooskia Community Library supports patrons of all ages, by providing materials, programs, and resources. With a generous land donation, we have the opportunity to grow our existing space and build a library that will continue to serve community members and visitors for years to come, while allowing space for enhanced collections and programming.

Funding The Project

No new taxes will be needed to build or maintain the library.

How Funding Will Be Spent

Funding pays for the design, engineering, and construction of the library’s permanent home.

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